Friends of Weekend Worker

Through the years, Weekend Worker is blessed to have workshop participants who returned to join us for another session. There were also some who later joined us as regular students. 

To thank all our previous participants for committing their time to learn with us and to celebrate everyone's enthusiasm in the craft, Weekend Worker would like to offer a little discount to all our previous workshop participants.

If you have joined Weekend Worker in one of our workshop before and would like to attend another workshop with us, we would really love to extend the following discount to you,

  • 20% off second workshop
  • 30% off third workshop
  • 40% off fourth workshop and
  • 50% off all subsequent workshop

Please do send an email to and we will reply you with the discount code to enter upon check out.

Do note that as the discount is only available for participants who have attended a Weekend Worker ceramic workshop, transfer of the workshop to a friend is not permitted. Should you be unable to make it for the workshop, do email 3 business days in advance and we will arrange for a replacement date. We seek your understanding that no refund will be made for cancellation after.